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Hi, my name is Randy Burtis, and I am addicted to wonderment. That state of mind, that sense and feeling, most often occurring when you are young, when the world looks so big, and you feel small, but free, and everything new is magical and wonderfilled. Then you grow up, and you grow out of that? What a loss.

My desire is to recapture that feeling and transfer it to my audience, to reawaken in each of us, young or old, that rush. Remember when you would look at a leaf changing color and be caught up in wonder? Or marveled at the magic of a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon changed! The Art of Magic seeks to recreate that feeling and that is the adventure I have pursued for most of my lifetime.

I have been performing for over 25 years, all across Western Canada.I recently got back from performing in China. I have performed hundreds of shows to thousands of people in every imaginable environment bringing a sense of magic and wonder to audiences of all ages. I am a member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians, and am the Past President of the Calgary Magic Circle. In 1997 I was one of only two Canadians to attend the Professional Performers Workshop in Los Angeles California, sponsored at that time by Magician David Copperfield and Entertainment Icon Dom Deluise. I am constantly studying and attending performing workshops and magic lectures to fine tune my performing skills and ensure I am in the loop in presenting the best magical and wonderfilled tricks I can. Besides performing magic, I have over 20 years of experience with teaching and speaking professionally to children, youth and adults as well as 20 years of teaching experience with those age groups as well.

I am presently living in Calgary, Alberta with my wife and two children and continuing to tour and do shows.I am a native Calgarian, but have spent the last decade performing outside of Calgary. I am EXCITED to be back with a bigger and even better show than EVER before to help make your birthday party,or company event a success! Please check out the rest of the site to see what I can offer you, and give me a call!

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